I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Pat Rigsby for nearly a decade.  He has trusted me to shoot edit every type of video imaginable, from conferences to web content to info products.  This is the promotional video for PatRigsby.com that helps explain what it is like to run your own Ideal Business.

When Dr. Kyle Bowling needed a promotional video to help him launch his new creation, the CTM Band, he turned to social media for suggestions.  Several of his colleagues suggested me.  If  you are into sports and athletics and own either a foam roller or compression band, you should really look into picking up a CTM Band to elevate your recovery.

Based on the popularity of American Ninja Warrior, ninja training gyms are popping up all over the country.  I was fortunate enough to get to work with Daniel Gil and Jonathan Horton of the Ninja Coalition to create a resource for trainers to just what they need to be coaching to get the next generation of athletes ready for this new exciting sport.

Mr and Mrs Chris and Kara Mohr (or Dr and Dr, if you are being completely accurate) are some of my favorite professionals.  Their knowledge is impressive and their outtakes are always hilarious!  This is the intro video for their product I produced – Make Healthy a Habit, 21 Days to Better Sleep – available here: